It’s completely crazy to think that we are 25 weeks into this pregnancy already!

The first part of the pregnancy was a rollercoaster of emotions. The doctors were concerned about Babyface’s development for a while. There was a period of time where I told select friends and relatives, “please just pray for her to make it to 24 weeks, and then if she makes it that far, we can pray for a little longer.” (24 weeks, for the uninitiated, is the “age of viability” for babies, which is the age where they start having a fighting chance outside the womb).

In the past month, she’s had a huge turnaround. She went from being in the 7th percentile for size to being in the 47th percentile, the fluid levels went from dangerously low to middle-normal, and they finally got the shots of her heart, skull, spine, and kidneys that they were waiting for. So basically she’s fine and healthy and on target to make it to term–all of which was very up in the air a month ago.

Babyface at 25 Weeks Pregnant

So, we had a growth appointment Thursday. The ultrasound tech who did our appointment said that they might not put it in the chart because it’s only been 13 days since our last growth ultrasound and the doctors often won’t look unless it’s been at least 14 days between growth ultrasounds. However, she was able to tell us that our little bundle is about 1lb 14oz and close the 50th percentile for growth.

The ultrasound tech, like every ultrasound tech for the past couple of months, tried valiantly to get us a 3D image of Babyface, but every time, Babyface had either her hand in front of her face or her arm or her leg. This literally happens every week, and I swear she does it on purpose–contrary, like her daddy!

Lincoln 25 Weeks
We got one semi-good photo of Lincoln this week. She looks like a little old lady.

Outside of the doctor’s office, she has been kicking a LOT. I started to crazy-mom chart what makes her kick (what I’ve eaten recently, what I’m listening to, etc), and I’m convinced that she kicks every time she hears Ingrid Michaelson on the radio. Not sure if that means she really likes Ingrid Michaelson or if she’s kicking me to tell me to turn it down–guess we’ll figure it out when she gets here.

Momma at 25 Weeks Pregnant

I really, really can’t complain about my pregnancy symptoms this week. That’s not to say that there aren’t any, or that they aren’t annoying, but I was SO SICK the first part of pregnancy that any day that doesn’t involve staring down the porcelain goddess seems like a blessing. All that being said, here’s what I’m experiencing…

Back Pain & Weight Gain: My back pain isn’t super crazy yet, but I’m definitely starting to feel pressure from her. I also gained weight for the first time this pregnancy. I had lost close to 15 pounds the first trimester because I was so sick. I’m suddenly able to eat almost anything (chicken and Brussels Sprouts are both still a no-go). Part of me is sort of over the fact that I’m gaining weight–she’s also gaining weight, which we want–but I was obese to start with so we don’t really want me gaining weight throughout pregnancy. So, I don’t know. Thinking about whether I need to clamp down on what I’m eating or just enjoy the fact that I can eat for the first time in months.

Anxiety & Insomnia: I haven’t been sleeping well AT ALL. Basically, I have a hard time getting comfortable, and even with the AC blasting I can’t seem to cool off. I also have been sleeping funny on my right shoulder and it started hurting, so I’ve been trying not to sleep on it, but I’m not allowed to sleep on my back because it’s not good for Baby, and if I sleep on my left side my back is to the door and it makes me have anxiety.

When I do manage to fall asleep, I’m either up every 30-60 minutes to pee, or I’m up because I’m having nightmares. Most of them have to do with either losing the baby or having the baby and losing my husband in some way (usually some awful disease). I’m sure that’s probably normal and is probably my mind’s way of working through anxieties about my capabilities as a mom… whatever, Freud. All I know is, I’m tired!

Headaches & Acid Reflux: My sister-in-law said that when she was pregnant, she complained to her doctor that she felt like she was drowning in acid all the time. I’ve had acid reflux the whole pregnancy, but that “drowning in acid” sensation has definitely kicked in for me now! It’s been hard because Tums are too sweet right now–they make me kind of nauseated–so I drink milk and kind of hope for it to go away. This week, however, my doctor told me I can start taking Zantac again, though, so that’s exciting.

I’ve also been having some hellacious headaches and migraines. I’ve always been kind of prone to them, but before pregnancy, I would take Advil and drink insane levels of caffeine and it was fine. Advil is bad during pregnancy and I’m off caffeine because I’ve had high blood pressure, so I’ve been relying on Tylenol, which hasn’t really been touching the pain. My doctor suggested more water (I already feel like I’m swimming but she swears I’m “dry,” so there’s that) and magnesium oxide which I’m picking up tonight with the Zantac. We’ll see how it goes.  

Leaking: This is one I definitely wasn’t expecting, especially this early! But Ginger Snaps and I were playing video games the other night, and I was naked (TMI!) because my work clothes were uncomfortable and my maternity PJs were in the wash, and because, let’s be honest, I can’t hang out naked in my house after Babyface comes so might as well enjoy it now… Anyway, I reached for the controller, and my arm went across my breast, and this thin, clearly, snotty substance covered my forearm.

That’s right: 25 weeks, and my breasts are leaking!

I was pretty sure that colostrum was yellow, not clear, but according to Dr Google it can totally start clear and that’s normal–and you can start leaking anywhere from 16 weeks–not until after giving birth. So I’m “normal” there too.

I’m actually kind of happy about the leaking… I had a breast reduction when I was 18, so we weren’t sure if I was going to be able to produce breast milk or not. This seems to point to “yes.”

So far, it hasn’t been that bad, but I do have a box of nursing pads that I got in a freebie box when I registered…somewhere (Babylist, maybe? Target? Amazon?) So if it does get bad I can shove some of those in my bra and protect my modesty.

I did look up whether I should start pumping and saving the colostrum because it’s supposedly liquid gold for babies. Some websites say don’t do it because it can trigger preterm labor. Others say totally do it because it’s no more likely to trigger preterm labor than sex, and doctors say that’s safe, and because having more colostrum on hand can only be a good thing.

My instinct is that if the jury is still out, I’d rather be safe than sorry, so I’m not pumping. Though I guess once she makes it to term (37 weeks) I might pump because at that point, what’s the harm? IDK, guys!!!

Daddy at 25 Weeks Pregnant

Ginger Snaps has definitely been really cute with Babyface. He loves to talk to my belly. He’s a little aggressive–he’s always, like, shouting like he doesn’t think she can hear him–but it’s still cute (even if I secretly want him to give me some space sometimes).

My second wind of pregnancy definitely came at a good time for Daddy, though. He was definitely getting fed up with doing all the cooking/cleaning/everything around the house, and though he was a hell of a good sport about it during my super sick stages, I could tell by the little crinkle around his eyes that it was getting tiresome for him. He’s been much happier now that I’m able to contribute more to the household.

He’s been not feeling great this week–something to do with his stomach–so he’s a little grumpier than usual, but he’s still been excited about the baby and hasn’t communicated any anxiety or anything.

Nesting at 25 Weeks Pregnant

We totally bought these things called BellyBuds, which are these little headphones that you can plug into your phone and then set on your belly, and Baby can either listen to music or there’s this app that lets you read her stories or sing songs or just talk to her. The cool thing with the app is that family and friends can download it as well and they can record themselves wherever they are and then share with you, and you can play that for Baby in the womb as well. They say that at this stage in pregnancy, Baby can hear and even develop memory, so hearing voices in the womb that she’ll hear outside the womb can help her transition into the world and may make her bond with people better once she gets here. I’m not a doctor or anything, but it makes me feel good.

After I bought it, I shared it with Baby’s direct aunts, uncles, and grandparents. No one’s really jumped on board yet with creating content for her and sharing it with us, but honestly, even if she just hears my voice and daddy’s voice in the womb and listens to some music, I’m happy with that.

Ginger Snaps has been hard at work on Babyface’s Zelda: Windwaker nursery. It’s going to be gorgeous when it’s done, but it’s been a lot of work for him so far. I’m “helping” with the painting part (we were careful to buy paints that wouldn’t harm Babyface in the womb!). 

Lincoln's Nursery

We’re having a little bit of a hard time decorating the rest of the nursery. We found a really cool rug on Society6 pretty early on and splurged on that (it was like $60 which is a LOT for us), and my mom is going to help me make some curtains out of this fabric that we found, but things like bedding and a mobiel and just general decor is going to have to be improvised a bit. My meticulous husband is not great with “good enough” for the decor–especially when he’s putting so much effort into the walls–so that’s a little bit of a struggle. I’ve tried looking on Etsy and there’s one Legend of Zelda blanket that looks cute but I also feel like Babyface isn’t allowed real blankets anyway when she’s little, and we are inundated with blankets, so I don’t know if it’s worth the cost? I put it on our registry as a splurge item, so we’ll see what happens there. Otherwise, for mobiles and stuff… I don’t know. Her room might just be super plain until I figure it out. Wall-to-wall murals is probably plenty of stimulation anyway, haha!

I’ve also been watching a LOT of mommy vlogs on YouTube. I have a couple of blogs I follow–especially Frugalwoods–but vlogs are pretty new to me, so if you’re like me and that’s not really been part of your life (I’m probably just behind the times) they’re blogs in video format. I love them–kudos to people who have enough confidence to put themselves on video; I can barely stand adding photos on here because I’m so self-conscious.

Anyway. I started watching them at like 22 weeks because I was thinking about packing my hospital bag, so I googled what to pack and a ton of videos came up. So I watched through a bunch of those, and then I stumbled on some videos on breastfeeding which is something that has me TOTALLY freaked out, and then I just became addicted to watching them. I’m especially into Tres Chic Mama–and I totally have a post coming out talking about that a little more, but for now, suffice to say she’s awesome.

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