I’m actually posting this update on day one of Week 27, but I’m reflecting on the past week of life so I think it still counts. I am already SO ready to be at the end of this. I don’t want her to come any time soon, really–I want her to get to a nice, healthy size and weight and stuff–but I just want to meet her and hold her in my arms, and I know GS feels the same way (partially because he says on a nightly basis, “Baby! Hey baby! Get out here so I can have a turn holding you!”)

Babyface at 26 Weeks Pregnant

This is the first week in a long time that we haven’t had an ultrasound. While I’m thrilled because it means Babyface is doing better and the doctors are less concerned about monitoring her all the time, I’d gotten spoiled in being able to see her every week, so it’s a little hard that I haven’t seen her this week.

Baby girl shoes

Still, she’s definitely in there, kicking away on the regular. She’s still stubborn, and pretty much refuses to kick the moment anyone puts their hand on my belly to feel her, so other than her daddy, no one’s felt her but me. Hopefully, she’ll have a little less stranger-danger when she gets here and the family can bond with her.

According to the apps, she now has eyelashes and a semi-regular sleep cycle. Now’s about the time she’s supposed to start taking practice breaths in there, though my little over-achiever has been doing that since 22 weeks. And she is apparently the size of a head of kale. (Ginger Snaps, by the way, hates the constant food comparisons that apps and websites insist on using).

Momma at 26 Weeks Pregnant

We’re one week further into pregnancy, and I’m looking more and more pregnant by the day. My mom commented the other day that my tummy felt hard to her from the outside for the first time. Meanwhile, coworkers have started making comments about my “bump,” which I assume means that I’m starting to look more pregnant than fat.

Otherwise, the symptoms are very day-by-day. Some days, I’m emotional. Other days, I’m a rock. I spent the weekend dealing with really rough abdominal pain, but it went away so I think (?) that it’s fine. She’s definitely still kicking away, and cramping is supposed to be normal at this phase, but my mother-in-law told me that she was due in October with GS and first went into labor in July, and then was in and out of the hospital until he was born in September. So. That’s got me a little freaked.

I’ve also started considering the end game a little more. I’m not that scared of labor–or not considering it that much yet–but I’m petrified of breastfeeding. I know a lot of people say it’s not supposed to hurt if you’re doing it right, but I also know a lot of people who went through crazy amounts of pain. For me, I think that it’s easy to see myself getting through labor because it’s a small period of time–a couple days max–and because I don’t have a choice. Breastfeeding I could wimp out on if it’s too hard, and I really don’t want to disappoint myself, so I’m stressing a little about that.

Daddy at 26 Weeks Pregnant

Daddy’s tummy has been feeling a little bit better (at least when he takes the meds the doctor gave him) and his mood has made a miraculous improvement as a result. He’s started to have headaches this week as well, though, which makes me wonder if there’s something sinus-y in life. He’s still bonding really well with Lincoln, and he gives my belly kisses every night at bedtime and chats with her on the regular. He also tries to use her against me (“Lincoln, tell your momma that you guys don’t want ice cream”) so that’s cute-not-cute.

Nesting at 26 Weeks Pregnant

GS and I are still working on finishing the nursery, though he wouldn’t let me give a photo update because it apparently doesn’t look right yet. We cleaned our bedroom, probably for the first time since we moved in, and we’ve talked about some of the furniture rearrangings we’ll have to do to make room for Babyface (and all of Babyface’s stuff).

We’re also–finally–starting to have a social life again. Ours pretty much died when  I got pregnant. GS isn’t super social on the best of days, and I’ve been feeling so ill that it’s been easier to stay inside, so we’ve definitely let some friendships kind of fizzle as a result. But. Our niece had her fourth birthday this weekend, and even though I felt like death that day, we went to that and it was pretty cute. And then one of our couple-friends contacted us, so we have a D&D campaign set up for this weekend. We’ve even joked-not-joked about including Babyface in future campaigns. She’ll definitely ruin our stealth chances, but it could make things interesting.

Finally, GS and I noted recently that what started as jokingly baby-talking at each other when we started dating has become a seriously bad habit. So. We’re trying to practice using full adult sentences around one another, because we want Babyface to learn to use full sentences and we need to model that.

It’s harder than giving up swearing.

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    1. Definitely! It’s sort of cute when you’re together, but yeah, now that GS and I are thinking of bringing in a new life–who actually needs to learn language skills from us–we’re trying to get our speech together so that Babyface can learn to use language appropriately.

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