By anyone’s standards, we’ve made it into the 3rd trimester, which means that the finish line is in site–if only just. Ginger Snaps still thinks Babyface will make an appearance a month early, but I’m no longer convinced. I think she’ll stay in there forever just to spite us.

I am, however, managing to get this update out on the last day of the week, for once, instead of the first day of next week. So that’s exciting.

Babyface at 28 Weeks:

No ultrasound again this week–they’re going to put me back on weekly ultrasounds, though, so more cute blob photos are just around the corner. We did, however, have an OB appointment and got to hear her little ticker going a mile a minute (okay, more like 140 bpm).

Whether she plans to stay in there forever or not, our doctor did some sort of swab and said she’s probably socked in there for at least the next 2 weeks, which is good. Infant mortality rates decrease each week we get closer to her due date, so honestly, as much as I want her out because I want this pregnancy done, it’s good that she’s nestled in there pretty well.

According to the app, she is the size of an eggplant (does anyone even eat eggplant?) and she is gaining fat and brains. And… that’s it. Seriously. Nothing interesting happens in there this late in the game because she’s already human-ish and would likely survive out here if she were born today (although she’d be cold. She still needs some more meat on her bones).

Momma at 28 Weeks:

I’m doing okay. I’m still practicing meditation, and that’s getting easier, so I’m feeling better about using that during labor. I still have one leaky breast–the other one is suspiciously dry, but according to Dr. Google, that’s normal and doesn’t mean it won’t work when she gets here. I’m tired, but not so tired I can’t get stuff done, and I’ve actually been more motivated towards completing tasks this week than previously in the pregnancy.

The diabetes is a struggle, but not in the ways I thought it would be. I thought it would be really hard to do meal planning and say no to sweets, but GS and I actually got the hang of that pretty quickly, and once you stop expecting your food to taste awesome and are willing to settle for “good ‘nuff,” it’s not so hard. The two things that are proving hard are exercising and eating at other peoples’ houses.

Exercising is a daily battle. GS has an alarm on his phone that tells us to go for a walk. But here’s the deal: My doctors tell me I need exercise, but they also say to listen to my body and not do anything that hurts. If I walk halfway down the street, I end up with a stabbing pain in my side, and then I spend the rest of the evening with my stomach and back in pain. Since walking around the block barely constitutes as exercise, I’m not sure which side of the doctor’s face to listen to. If any of you know of exercises that are less stressful than walking… slowly… let me know. Until then, I deal with shooting pain and hope that’s better for Babyface than not walking. What do I know?

And then there’s eating at other people’s houses (or eating out, etc).

Food Gestational Diabetes

When we’re home, or on our normal schedule and packing our own food, GS and I do fine. Friday night we went to Bangor to pick something up and we were hungry so I said, “Let’s stop at Chili’s. I can probably find something healthy there.” I ate from their Light & Fit menu (or whatever it’s called there) and got a piece of salmon and some vegetables… and then spent the rest of the night worried that whatever sauce the salmon was glazed in probably had sugar in it.

Then, Saturday, I went to my sister-in-law’s bachelorette party and my options were pizza, chips, cookies, lemonade, fruit salad, or cucumbers… So I ate cucumbers and drank water, and by the time the party was over 5 hours later I was hungry enough to eat my arm off. (I actually snuck like 6 chips towards the end because I was gonna lose it if I didn’t. But then I hated myself for eating chips… Blech). 

Summary? Not eating is not a good option. Those weren’t good options either. I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do in those situations, and not having that thing to test my blood sugar (because I still haven’t had a consult) means trial-and-error is hard to figure out. I had better figure it out soon, though. I’m going out to dinner with my family on Tuesday, and there’s dinner with Ken’s family on Thursday, and I have another shower (my own!) this weekend, so I have to figure out how to eat when I’m not at home. Wish me luck.

Daddy at 28 Weeks:

Ginger Snaps has calmed way down this week and is back to being his super-supportive self. One notable change is that, now that my energy levels are back, he’s saying “no” more often when I ask him to do things. This is a good thing, in case you were wondering, and necessary for the well-being of our household. I’m somewhat (very) lazy instinctively, and it’s something I have to work to fight.

We went through a similar period when I got off crutches a few years back. I was so used to not being able to get up and get my own water easily (for example) that I grew used to just asking him to do it. Then, when it was easy for me to do it myself again, I still found myself asking him to do it. I was grateful then, and I’m grateful now, that he says, “No, you can do that yourself now.” Once he’s started saying that, I started realizing it as well, and have been helping in the kitchen where I can again–which helps my mental health (I no longer feel “useless”) and helps him feel less stressed as well.

Nesting at 28 Weeks:

We actually did a lot of nesting this weekend. Though the nursery isn’t “done,” it’s not for lack of trying on Ken’s part. His dad is in from Tennessee, so they’ve been hanging out a bit, and I’ve been dragging him around, and he still managed to get the nursery 90% finished. He’ll have the rest done this coming weekend I’m sure.

We also took a trip to my cousin’s house. He and his wife have a 5-year-old and a 1-year-old and are apparently done so they had a ton of hand-me-downs for us, including:

  • An entire tote of clothing
  • A breast milk cooler
  • A Bumbo
  • A Jumper-Entertainment-Station-Thing
  • A bunch of other stuff that I’m forgetting because I’m not staring at it

We ended up going home and pulling things off of our registry… again. Super grateful for everyone who has given us pre-loved baby items so far as it will save our wallets in the long-term.

GS and I have also been holding ourselves to a higher standard of cleanliness lately, and that paid off this weekend. This week has actually been fairly rough (read above–his dad’s in town, we were all over the place this weekend, and he’s been working on the nursery), so when my mum called and asked if she and my stepdad could stop by on Sunday, I said, “Yeah. House is a mess, but come on over.” And when she came over, she said that our yard was a mess (hasn’t been mowed all summer due to my pregnancy and Ken being somewhat sick this summer) but that the house was actually decently clean.

We are calling that one a win. Way to end my week on a good note, Mom 🙂

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3 Replies to “Pregnancy Update: 28 Weeks”

  1. So, exercise…Have you tried prenatal yoga? Did it with both kids, and it was a marvel…stretched all the hard to reach areas that were cramping and generally uncomfortable. And, you get to chat with other moms…if you are me who just like to chat…to anyone. I’m sure they hated me, but the first time it was quite fun. I met my GD friend the second time, so there you go… Not every class had been great, but definitely better than nothing. Helped postpartum too with the aches that come with a squishy, reforming body. And, the instructors like to say that participating often led to an easier birth. I don’t know if that’s a proven truth, but my births were definitely easy peasy comparatively…if you can call the birthing process easy anyway. I had an epidural for both, so I’m sure that accounts for at least a bit of that.

    Consider a baby carrier for a purchase. You might have to try different ones, but they are surprisingly useful. At the very least there will be moments of babydom when the kid can’t be put down or whatever…maybe you want her to sleep longer. Baby wearing gives you your hands…that’s a big deal at that stage.

    Do the best you can with the GD. Protein is the key. Whenever you are having something with a carb, eat protein…nuts and cheese were what I was all about.

    1. I was doing some yoga early in pregnancy but haven’t tried it lately. Good suggestion!! I’m not sure of any prenatal yoga classes near me, so maybe not so much for the social bit, but YouTube is often a good source for that kind of thing in a pinch. I’ll definitely give it a go! Thanks 🙂

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