As in previous weeks, I’m posting my Week 29 update on the cusp of week 30. But hey, we made it through Week 29 of pregnancy!

This was a big one. We had our shower this weekend, got something like 90% of what we need for Babyface when she gets here, and finished the nursery. Babyface’s imminent arrival feels so real and close now–it’s completely crazy.

Babyface at 29 Weeks:

We had an ultrasound again this week. We got a super cute picture of Babyface’s profile, at which the ultrasound tech said that Babyface has my button nose rather than Ginger Snap’s longer nose. We were both pretty happy with that.

Babyface 29 Weeks

Her fluid levels are normal right now–much better than they were a few months ago–and she is estimated at 2 lb 14 oz which is something like the 22nd percentile. So, she’s small, but not scary-small, and the doctors basically say she’s doing great. She’s still practice breathing and everything just like she’s supposed to. She did flip around, so she’s breach again, but she has time to flip back before her Birth Day.

Momma at 29 Weeks:

Momma is excited and anxious–usually in that order.

I got the blood sugar monitor for my gestational diabetes. For the most part, that has been helpful because I can see how food is affecting me. I keep my blood sugar levels right where they’re supposed to be all day long. But my fasting blood sugar is high. I called to let them know and they basically said, “You need insulin at bedtime; come on in.” So I went in, and they showed me how to give myself insulin. I said, “Okay. My levels are 112 all day long and that’s healthy for me and for Baby. But my resting is 112 and that’s bad. Why is that?” They said, “Because it’s your fasting. It needs to be under 95.” I said, “Okay. I get that it’s weird that it stays the same if I haven’t eaten. But if she can be healthy with it at 112 all day long, why is it bad if it’s like that at night?” They said, “It’s your fasting! It needs to be under 95!”

We played this game for a while. They acted like I was about 12 and an idiot. I got frustrated, and then I cried because that’s what happens when I get frustrated, and then I lost any ground of “I’m an intelligent woman trying to understand this medicine” that I had.

So then that doctor left, and a different doctor came in and was like, “Look, you need this insulin because without it your baby will be too big and will have too much fluid.” I said, “I’m not opposed to taking this insulin, but currently my baby is too small and she hasn’t had enough fluid this whole pregnancy. That being the case, shouldn’t we be leaning into this?” The doctor said, “Your fasting is too high. You need insulin.” I said, “That’s great. But the consequences of not taking insulin are that my baby will get bigger and have more fluid. Don’t we want that?”

We went back and forth for a while. And I currently have an insulin prescription and no real understanding of how it helps my child. So that was frustrating and anxiety-inducing. I chatted with my mom about it because, honestly, these days I can’t tell when I’m being crazy and when I’m being rational, and she recommended I call my OB. So I have a call in there to just try to make sure this is the healthiest choice for my daughter. I’m not opposed to taking the insulin–and I took it over the weekend–but I would hate to think that my body is storing extra sugar on purpose to try to help my daughter develop and that I’m countering its efforts.

Other than that frustration, it’s been a fairly positive week for me. I’m definitely in full-on nesting mode, and a lot of nights I can’t sleep because I’m overstimulated and thinking too much. And I’m burning myself out a little bit in the process. Ginger Snaps has been a huge help with that–he’s been really supportive and just a generally good guy.

Daddy at 29 Weeks:

About twice a day he looks at my belly and says, “Babyface! Just be a baby now!” So.. he’s excited.

When I was at my shower this weekend, he finished painting the entire nursery, built the crib and put it in place, hauled a desk up a flight of stairs, hauled a glass cabinet down a flight of stairs, hauled a bookshelf up a flight of stairs, and installed a shelf. I almost cried when I got home. Her nursery looks SO GOOD.

Nursery Wall

And then the next day I was like, “but where are we going to put her clothes? And her books? And all this STUFF WE JUST GOT!”

And then I left for his sister’s wedding shower, and I came home, and he had purchased some shelves for her books, and a standing cabinet for her clothes, and he had solved our toy storage issue, and he’d bought a new shower curtain for our bathroom because I apparently complained once that ours was disgusting and he retained that and decided to solve that while he was out, too.

Book Shelves

Seriously. This man is my hero. Last night, for the first time in a week, I had nothing to stress out about and slept like a baby. And while I’ve come up with a new list of stressors in the day since, I also just really feel like he has my back right now and that has made all the difference in the world.

Nesting at 29 Weeks:

The nesting urge has gotten a little out of control. We had the baby shower this weekend, and as a result have 90% of what we need for when Babyface makes her big debut. I’m desperate to unpack everything we have, pack our go bags, wash and sort all her clothes, etc. I also was busy this whole past weekend, am busy this coming weekend, and have an unprecedented level of freelance writing that needs to get done.

It’s been stressful.

Ginger Snaps is doing the best he can to keep me calm and in control (see above), but I think I might just be a crazy person until she gets here.

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