Though I’ve been freelancing for a little over a year now and have made a pretty good name for myself, it’s no secret that when it comes to both blogging and vlogging, I’m a relative amateur. That’s okay! Everyone starts somewhere, and I, for one, relish the challenge of learning some new crafts.

Like anyone trying to learn a new skill, I’ve been doing a lot of research into how to establish my reputation as a blogger and a vlogger, gaining followers without sacrificing my integrity. A lot of the tips are easy–or even second-nature–to implement. I wouldn’t blog if I didn’t aspire to create great content on a regular basis, for example. The single hardest part for me so far? Finding other bloggers in my niche to connect with.

That’s where you come in!

Looking to Connect?

Promote Yourself

I can’t be the only blogger/vlogger looking to connect with others and form real, lasting relationships that work. Out of respect, we don’t spam each others’ blogs or Youtube channels. Just this once, I’d like to open the gateway for that. Do you have a blog that you think I would love? Do you have a Youtube channel you think I should check out? Go ahead. Shamelessly plug. It can be your blog or Youtube channel, it can be a friend’s, or it can just be one that you love. Point me in the right direction, because I would love to follow the examples of those around me–I’m just having a hard time, myself, finding the diamonds in the rough.

Criteria for Shameless Promotion

The term “shameless” is right there in the title, so go crazy if you want. I’m not promising to follow every blog or vlog you link me to, but I’d like to get a good sampling to sift through. I’ve had a hard time finding content that I love, especially blogs, so anyone who can point me in the right direction will get some love from me.

Still, if you really want me to love your suggestions, try the following:

  • Explain why you think I would love the blog or vlog. Is it in my niche? Is it on a topic that I touch on occasionally, even if I don’t delve into it?
  • Explain why you love the blog or vlog. Why is it worth you recommending it?

Guest Blogging

In addition to looking for people to connect with–in a real, genuine way–I’d also love to try my hand at guest blogging. If you’d like content by me featured on your blog, this is a great time to let me know.

Want to be featured on BringingUpBabyface? Let me know–I’ll check out your content and let you know if I think something can be worked out. Please keep in mind that, though an amateur, I do have high quality standards, so I may not take up every request for guest blogging, but I’m certainly open to suggestions.

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