I am extremely excited to announce that a piece I wrote is being featured on another blog, which can be found here: https://www.inspireyourmarriage.com/2018/11/09/advice-for-a-trouble-time-in-marriage-caits-story/

As always, communication between Ginger Snaps and me is extremely important to our marriage. Though this piece “airs our dirty laundry,” so to speak, please note that Ginger Snaps was on board with me sharing it as it discusses a concern we both think should be talked about a little more often: Mental health. If you struggle in your life with mental health concerns, Ginger Snaps and I both urge you to keep the lines of communication open within your family and to seek help if you need it.

Please also keep in mind that the piece that’s been featured was written while I was still pregnant with Babyface, and some of the fears mentioned in it have not come to fruition. If you’re having a hard time postpartum, I encourage you and your spouse to work together to learn what your new normal looks like and to have some fun when you can. We certainly manage to do so, even if it’s in some of the dorkiest ways imaginable!

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