Christmas is a very big holiday in my family. For as long as I can remember, my mom has gone above and beyond to make Christmas a magical time of year, and I want to do the same for my daughter. The reality, however, is that when Christmas hits this year, Babyface will be barely two months old and will have no idea what we’re doing. In fact, the whole event is likely to be overstimulating for her. Knowing that, and knowing that our house already feels unruly with all of her gear strewn about the floor, Ginger Snaps and I decided not to decorate for the season this year. Our parents will have trees up and the whole holiday feel for us to enjoy, and she’ll have a home base to return to that feels safe and familiar.

babyface in a yoda Christmas stocking

For all of that, I couldn’t stop myself from buying her some Christmas presents. Again, knowing her grandparents are apt to spoil her—and that she won’t be able to open presents anyway—we went light. We put some effort into picking out an awesome stocking for her, since that’s likely to stay in our family for years to come, and then we purchased some clothes that she was going to need anyway, a couple of MAM pacifiers, and a new wubbanub.

I know that the temptation to go all-out for Christmas with a newborn is there. I think that if Ginger Snaps and I weren’t within spitting distance of both of our families and I felt less certain she’d get Christmas spirit elsewhere, I’d be more tempted to start all of our traditions this year instead of waiting for next year. One of the traditions, at least in my home, has always been presents. So I’ve taken into consideration some of the best things we own for Babyface, as well as some of the things that are on my mental wish list for her in the coming months, and I’ve compiled this list of the best Christmas gift ideas for infants. I made sure to go gender-neutral since I know not everyone has a baby girl, and I listed current prices, though we all know those will change as we get closer to Christmas.

Let me know what you’re doing this year for your kids for Christmas. I’d love to hear everyone’s traditions and the most exciting presents of the year!


Baby Einstein 5-in-1 Activity Gym | (Currently $59.99)

For a toy that will actually grow with your infant, this activity mat takes the cake. We have one for Babyface already, and we use it daily. Lightweight and easy-to-wash, it’s the perfect place for tummy time. When I was still recovering from the C-section, I used to pick it up and set it on our dining room table to do tummy time at my height. And while right now she couldn’t care less about most toys, the hooks that dangle all over the top and around the edges of this activity gym will be great for attaching toys when she does get to that stage. It comes with some toys included, as well as some of those little plastic balls like you see at a McDonald’s ball pit, all of which babies are sure to love as they get a little bigger.

Wooden Activity Cube | (Currently $59.95)

When I was a little kid, I loved the wooden bead mazes they had in the waiting room at doctors’ offices. These activity cubes include those wooden mazes alongside lots of other tactile activities for babies to enjoy through toddlerhood. The one that I have linked is all about learning animals, which I think is really cute since so many other toys for infants focus on letters and numbers. I love that this gives something else for them to focus on.


 Fisher Price Bouncer(Currently $39.99)

Right now, Babyface spends most of her time going between the Boppy Lounger and the Rock ‘n Play, and at her current stage of development, that works well for her. Soon there will come a time when she won’t want to be reclined 24/7. At my mom’s house, she has a bouncer like the one shown here, which comes with some toys clipped to it. I love the idea that she can hang out and play sort of independently in this when she gets a little bigger, and GS and I will likely make an investment in one of these in a couple of months when she’s a little more active. If your kiddo is a month or two ahead of ours–or you’re just looking to plan ahead–I’d put this towards the top of your Christmas gift list. Bonus points: It gives them a safe space to hang out on Christmas morning while everyone is opening presents.

Fisher Price Dance and Groove Rockit | (Currently $28.79)

The first toy Ginger Snaps and I ever bought for Babyface was Rockit, and we love it. It has different modes based on how old your kiddo is, making it another toy that grows alongside your child. Reviews I read online said that while it’s mainly for infants and toddlers, older siblings as old as six or seven would play with it as well because they enjoyed the mode where Rockit listens to what you say and then repeats it back to you in a funny voice. Rockit is also really sturdy and durable, so flailing baby arms whacking at it won’t do it any harm. Extra bonus points for being a talking toy with a distinctly not annoying voice.

Interactive Waterfall Station | (Currently $28.87)

Babyface is still at the age where bathtime is akin to torture, but I look forward to the day when she’ll enjoy playing with toys in the tub and we can have fun with it. This waterfall station is a great sensory activity for babies because it lets them see water in motion and the way that water causes objects to move. Again, this is an object that’s on my personal wish-list for Babyface, and I think it’s a great Christmas gift idea for babies.


A Wubbanub | (Currently $17.49)

Wubbanubs have a stupid name, but they’re an ingenious product. Basically, they’re a pacifier with a stuffed animal attached. What’s great about this is that they put a little weight on your baby’s chest while they’re sucking on their bink, reminding them of having a hand on their chest and offering extra comfort. It’s also harder for them to spit these pacifiers out and magically shoot them underneath your couch since the weight of the plushie holds them basically in place. And even with her utter lack of coordination, Babyface can almost maneuver hers into her mouth after she spits it out because there’s more for her to hold onto. In a month or two, she’ll have that skill down. They come in tons of varieties. Currently, Babyface has a purple one that looks like a monster, and we’ve got a red dragon coming for her for Christmas. Meanwhile, there’s a unicorn, a green dragon, and a dinosaur all on the Amazon wish list we have going for her. And as you can see here, they have normal stuffed animals like hedgehogs and dogs as well so you can get a Wubbanub to match your baby’s unique preferences (or, you know, yours).

Pants with Feet | (Currently $13.60)

While it’s true that you don’t need a whole houseful of baby clothes, I would argue that it’s not possible to have enough baby pants with the little feet attached to them. I don’t know about your infants, but Babyface is a master of kicking her socks off, and I feel like I spend half of my days yanking her socks back on her. The baby pants with feet attached allow you to dress your baby in separates or in onesies/pants while genuinely keeping their feet covered.

Drool Bib Teething Toys | (Currently $15.98)

If you have an infant, you know that teething is right around the corner for you–if you’re not there already. I love those little bandana bibs that you can get kids so that they’re not drooling or spitting up on their outfits all day but they also don’t look like they have a gaudy bib on. These ones come with teething toys attached right to them, so they pull double duty. And considering you can get 6 for under $20, it’s a pretty great deal.

Tummy Time Water Mat (Currently $17.95)

Sensory play is super important for infants–and fun as well. This tummy time water mat offers a little extra sensory stimulation for your infant, letting them experience water squishing beneath them. It’s a toy that I’ve had my eye on for a long time, and that will likely make an appearance in our home around the time Babyface starts crawling.


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