A woman holding an XBox controller excitedly, with a description that says "Couple's Guide to Playing Video Games - Top 10 Video Games to Play Together in 2019"

Playing Video Games Together | 10 Video Games Ginger Snaps & I Can’t Wait to Play Together in 2019

You might be confused about what playing video games has to do with my family and lifestyle blog. At least, you might be confused if you’ve never met me. If you have met me, you already know that video games are a huge part of my life. Ginger Snaps and I both lean into our Geek lifestyles. Playing video games together is one of the best things we can do for our marriage. Unlike watching TV together, which is a more passive activity, playing video games together ensures we’re communicating regularly and actively problem-solving together. In fact, there’s a part of me that believes that if more couples played video games together, divorce rates would go down.

A woman holding an XBox controller excitedly, with a description that says "Couple's Guide to Playing Video Games - Top 10 Video Games to Play Together in 2019"

2019 looks like it’s going to be a BA year for video games. Ginger Snaps and I have exchanged tons of emails on which video games are coming out that we want to play together. We have both pored over our monthly Game Informer subscription and earmarked titles. And while he and I are looking forward to slightly different things in 2019, here are the top 10 video games I can’t wait to play with him this year.

10.) Creaks

Puzzle games used to be my jam. In fact, one of the first games GS and I played through together was Catherine, a puzzle adventure game by Atlus that they’re actually revamping for 2019. While lately, I’ve been more interested in turn-based RPGs, I can’t help but be excited about playing this puzzle game by Amanita Design.

You play as a man who finds a secret compartment in the back of his house and explores it. Descending further and further underground into an ever-more mysterious world, you encounter deadly creatures along the way.. Solving puzzles helps you defeat these creatures–or at least get past them.

What will we each get out of this?

I’m excited about the 2D puzzle solving and the fact that Amanita Design, who usually focuses on point-and-click adventures, is going out of their comfort zone with this title. Ginger Snaps will love the hand-drawn art and the creepy atmosphere.

Console(s) & Release Date

Creaks is slated to release in 2019, though the exact date hasn’t yet been given. We’ll likely be playing it on the Nintendo Switch. However, it will also be available on PS4, XBox 1, and PC (Windows).

9.) Inmost

When Ginger Snaps and I first started playing video games together, I had zero hand-eye coordination. My gameplay was limited to point-and-click adventures. While I still don’t have what it takes to do a first-person shooter, I’m looking forward to taking on more platformers in 2019. One such platformer is Inmost, created by indie developer Hidden Layer Games.

According to the review in Game Informer, Inmost stands out among indie platformers because of its character-driven story. It has three playable characters, each of whom works a little differently, and their story lines intertwine throughout the game. It also involves a fair amount of puzzle solving.

What will we each get out of this?

For me, the most exciting thing about Inmost is the platforming/puzzle solving combo. I also love supporting indie game developers, so the fact that Hidden Layer Games is a 2-man operation gets me pretty jazzed.

GS will also love the puzzle/platforming combo. He gets especially excited when an indie developer focuses on telling a really good story, though, so I think he’ll like that the best.

Console(s) & Release Date

The hardest part about Inmost–and the reason it’s not further up on my list than it is–is the fact that it’s only being released on PC to start with. PCs are not the easiest console when you like playing video games together.

While it’s slated for release sometime in 2019, I always take release dates with a grain of salt when dealing with indie developers. Small obstacles can create huge setbacks when you only have 2 people working on a game. Still, I’m remaining optimistic. I’m also hoping for a Switch or PS4 release on this game in the future.

8.) Visage

Visage is an atmospheric horror game that’s told semi-episodically. Each chapter of the game belongs to one member of a family. It has a haunted house feel to it, and with puzzles and supply-management elements, there’s a little something for everyone here.

What will we each get out of this?

I’m most excited about the story in this one. Ginger Snaps will love that it’s a true horror game–not just a semi-creepy game–and that I’m willing to play it with him.

Console(s) & Release Date

Steam already has the Early Access version of Visage on PC, but the PS4 and XBox 1 versions are likely to come out in February 2019. Since GS and I find playing video games together harder with PC, we’ll wait for the PS4 version to be released.

7.) Fire Emblem: 3 Houses

I’ve never played a Fire Emblem game, but I’ve heard good things about them, and I enjoy tactical RPGs, so when I saw the trailer for Fire Emblem: 3 Houses, I decided I wanted to give it a go. If I’d played one of the previous titles, this might have gone a little higher on my list (or lower–who knows), but as it stands, its rustled up a mild level of interest for me.

One of the things that got me excited about this game was the fact that you’re moving not just single units but formations of troops. Also, as much as I love supporting indie developers, I also enjoy pretty graphics, and this game looks beautiful.

What will we each get out of this?

GS and I have been playing a lot of tactical RPGs together lately–Banner Saga, XCom, Valkyria Chronicles, Mario Rabids–and it’s a game type we both really enjoy. In fact, when it comes to playing video games together, tactical RPGs are probably where our venn diagrams most intersect.

Console(s) & Release Date

This is coming out on the Nintendo Switch, which I am jazzed about because that is my all-time favorite console.

6.) Afterparty

Brightly colors. Pinks and purples. On first sight, you wouldn’t know this game is about being in hell. Specifically, it’s about 2 friends–Milo and Lola–who are trying to get out of Hell. How? They have to drink Satan under the table.

This game is by Night School Studio–the same guys who made Oxenfree. It’s a point-and-click adventure style story, which is perfect because those games are all about story, not about timing or skill. When you’re playing video games together and one of you is better at video games than the other one, point and click adventures can be a great way to even the playing field.

What will we each get out of this?

Ginger Snaps will love the tight storyline and the wacky animation. I will enjoy the point-and-click game type, the bright colors, and the interesting characters.

Console(s) & Release Date

This one is coming in 2019–exact date not yet confirmed–and will be released for PC, Switch, and PS4.

5.) In the Valley of the Gods

A couple of years ago, Campo Santo released a game called Firewatch. It was a really pretty game that had a sort of slow release of the plot. The story was told through conversations between your character and another character that you never get to see. You only interacted with her via radio. It was an interesting game–the sort of game that leaves you thinking at the end–a little wistful, a little sad…

When GS and I heard that Campo Santo was releasing another title, we were both eager to play it together. In the Valley of the Gods is another character-driven story. This one takes place in Egypt in the 1920s. It looks to be every bit as beautiful and slow to unwravel as its predecessor.

What will we each get out of this?

Ginger Snaps and I both loved playing Firewatch together. If this is anything like that, it’ll be more like watching a movie–or maybe a TV series–than playing a game, which will be both relaxing and impactful.

Console(s) & Release Date

Currently, it’s only slated to release on PC. However, Firewatch was eventually ported over to PS4, and I have high hopes that this will be as well. This is another one that we know is coming out in 2019, but we don’t have an exact date for.

4.) Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Ori and the Blind Forest came out in 2015. It was one of the most enchanting games of its time, with beautiful animation and captivating music. It won tons of awards, including Best Audio, Best Visual Art, and Excellence in Musical Score. This year, they’re following it up with Ori and the Will of the Wisps. This sequel looks like it will have the same stunning visual appeal and mesmerizing music as its successor.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps is a puzzle/platformer. Though it has fights and monster bosses, it’s a largely story-driven game in a beautiful spiritual world.

What will we each get out of this?

I’m excited about the puzzles, the story-driven aspect of the game, and the music. Ginger Snaps is a sucker for beautiful, interesting animation. He’ll also love the new combat mechanics the developer has been advertising.

Console(s) & Release Date

Ori is coming to XBox One and PC sometime in 2019. GS and I don’t own an XBox, so we’re hoping it will get ported over to Switch or PS4 at some point.

3.) Psychonauts 2

The original Psychonauts was an eccentric puzzle/platformer with a psychological slant. You play as Raz, an ex-circus gymnast who dreams of being a Psychonaut. Throughout the game, he explores the minds of different people at summer camp. Each brain in Psychonauts is its own world, warped and twisted by individual mentalities. For a platformer that looked mostly silly, it had a strangely big heart to it.

Ginger Snaps and I were huge fans of the first Psychonauts game. It’s actually where I trained on platformers. We’re stoked that the sequel was announced. (There was actually an in-between title released for the VR, which we played through, but that one was less of a platformer because of the console it was made for).

What will we each get out of this?

Ginger Snaps and I both have high hopes that Psychonauts 2 will be just as psychologically interesting and nuanced as the first in the series. I’m excited to have a go at another platformer, and doubly excited that it will be GS’s first run-through on the game so he won’t know all the answers to everything. GS has a little more nostalgia-factor going into this than I do, since he played the original with his dad the first time through, and I think he’s excited to chat with his dad about the sequel as well.

Console(s) & Release Date

Coming in 2019 to PS4, XBox 1, and PC.

2.) Ikenfell

A few years ago, Ginger Snaps and I were in the kitchen of our old apartment discussing the fact that all the Harry Potter video games had, thus far, been a disappointment. An RPG set at Hogwarts could be great, we said, if the producers were just willing to step away from the same old stories that were in the books and give us something new. The very next day, we saw something about Ikenfell on Kickstarter–a retro RPG set in a wizarding school with some sort of strange mystery afoot.

We immediately contributed an amount to the Kickstarter–not a lot, because I was still in Grad school and we were fairly well broke, but something–and we waited with bated breath. Ginger Snaps would tell me every time he got an email update about the project. Now, a few years later, it’s finally a reality, and is one of our most anticipated games this year.

What will we each get out of this?

Everything. We are so excited for a magical teenager RPG done right it’s not even funny.

Console(s) & Release Date

The release has already been pushed once–it was initially set to come out in June of 2018–but as I’ve said before, that’s sort of the schtick with indie games. While we don’t have an exact release date, it’s slated for 2019 and according to the developer is really far along. It’s guaranteed for PC. According to the developer, he would love to port it for PS4 but would need more funding first.

1.) Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 3 is 100% my most anticipated game of the year. Honestly, it’s the game I’ve looked forward to most since Ginger Snaps and I met. For those of you who weren’t in the video game scene for the first 6 games in the series, it’s an action RPG where you get to roll around with Disney characters. ‘Nuff said.

The new game gives us worlds that haven’t been in the other games, and according to the publisher, it’s way bigger than anything we’ve seen before. In fact, he says that each world in this game is the same size that the previous games were. Hallelujah.

What will we each get out of this?

I am all about those Disney worlds. I think Ginger Snaps is more excited that I’m excited to be playing video games together this year than anything else, but he is looking forward to seeing the next leg of the Kingdom Hearts story.

Console(s) & Release Date

It’s coming out January 29th, but you can preorder it now. It’s available on XBox One and PS4.

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2 Replies to “Playing Video Games Together | 10 Video Games Ginger Snaps & I Can’t Wait to Play Together in 2019”

  1. I’m trying to NOT go overboard with games this year as I feel I need to save a lot more BUT here’s a few I’m looking forward to!
    1. Resident Evil 2 (Remake)
    2.Grandia HD [You should really add this to your list as the colors, story and gameplay will burst for you! And it’s getting released on Switch as a double pack with Grandia and Grandia 2 which is another great game!]
    3. Digimon Survive [You know how I feel about Digimon and this one has point n Click elements, a tactical turn-based combat, AND relationship/conversation elements that can apparently impact character survival.]
    4. Zankai Zero: Last Beginning [Seriously just look it up! 😀 I think you’d get a kick out of it!
    5. Calligula Effect: Overdose [I’ve already informed GS about this one so hopefully he passes along some curiosity to you regarding it!]

    1. GS did tell me about Caligula effect, actually. He seemed pretty stoked—though he was grumpy that I was not immediately impressed by the name Caligula. I def don’t care about the Resident Evil games—just not my style—but I’ll look up the other ones you mentioned. 🙂

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