Babyface at 3 months old

I’m a little late getting this 3-month baby update off the ground, considering Babyface reached 3 months this past Saturday. But we are officially through the 4th trimester, and it shows for both of us. Babyface is much more alert and aware than she was just a few months ago, and I am much calmer and more confident in my abilities as her mama. So what does 3 months look like for us? Let’s take a look!

Staying with Auntie

Starting this month, Babyface has been going to my aunt’s house twice a week, and let me tell you, it’s made a world of difference in my stress levels.

Let me be clear: It’s not that Babyface is particularly stressful. She’s a very easy baby. But I’m trying to launch my freelancing career while maintaining a healthy work-life balance, and the first couple of months that she was home, I would suffer from mom-guilt if I worked when she wanted to play and work-guilt if I played when I thought I should be working. Having my aunt take her twice a week gives me dedicated time every week that I can just write. In turn, I get dedicated time each week where I can just hang out with my little girl without worrying about work. We’re all happier now.

Initial reports from her time with auntie? My aunt says she’s never met another baby who doesn’t nap during the day. She says that Babyface is curious and constantly wants to be doing something new. And she says that she suspects Babyface will be one of those kids who runs before she crawls. I guess we’ll see, haha.


So, does Babyface really not nap? It depends.

Babyface won’t nap in her crib. She’ll sleep there at bedtime, but if we try to put her down for a formal nap, she loses it and just screams. She used to nap in her rock and play, but now she’ll just stay awake in that and look around at everything there is to see. Same with laying her on the floor, or rocking with her. She’ll fall asleep for 10-15 minutes a stretch, and then she’s up and raring to go again.

When it’s just the two of us home together and there’s nothing else going on and nothing to see, I can occasionally get a 1-2 hour nap out of her if I put her in her swing. And every once in a while, she’ll have a tired day and fall asleep without prompting. But generally, normally, more often than not? No. She doesn’t really nap.

She does, however, sleep at night. On my Instagram feed, I posted that we’re struggling through a sleep regression. True, but also not one I should complain about. Babyface is currently waking up once per night–usually around 4:30 AM–because she’s hungry. We feed her and she goes back to bed very easily and doesn’t get up again until morning. Since she’s also eating more frequently during the day, I feel like it’s just a growth spurt and that she needs those extra Calories right now–and that’s okay.


My mom said the other day that Babyface is displaying more and more of a personality every time we bring her over. My aunt says that she’s “older than her years.” Now, I read a lot of parenting books, both for this blog and because I’m a mom, but I don’t want to be one of those parents who brags about how talented their typical kid is. So here’s some examples of her current skills–you can judge for yourself.

  • Her Sense of Humor: She thinks fart noises are the funniest thing on the planet. Her dad tells me that she’s not wrong.
  • Her Confidence: Try tummy time with her, and you’ll realize that she is not afraid to speak her mind. Loudly. Red-faced. While valiantly doing everything BUT actually rolling over. In general, she’s getting more and more chatty, but there’s no time like tummy time to feel the full effects of her newfound voice.
  • Hand-Eye Coordination: She hasn’t quite managed to figure out how to pick her pacifier up and put it back in her mouth. She can, however, slam her skull against your jaw so hard that it brings tears to your eyes, and then manage to hit that exact same spot a second time before you have a chance to move her. So there’s that.
  • Licking Things: Oh, you didn’t know that licking things was a skill? Neither did I. Then I had a kid, and I watched her learn to lick things. It was a real struggle at first, but she has mastered it now.
  • Tracking Things: Babyface can track things with her eyes. Her dad coming into the room. Her bottle heading towards her mouth. And, most importantly (to her, at least), the TV that we weren’t supposed to let her go near until she was 30 years old. She loves the crap out of that TV.

Must Haves

I did a whole video this month of both my favorite things and Babyface’s favorite things:

I will, however, mention a couple of things that Babyface started using after that video came out that we’re also loving:

Her piano The Fisher Price piano we got her is a big hit in our household. I like that it’s small and portable. It actually fits in our diaper bag, so we can bring it with us when we’re bringing her places. It has strings on it, so we can tie it to her play mat, but we can also stick it under her when she’s lying on the floor or set it on her tray when she’s in her swing. It has the benefit of being something she can just whack at, which is perfect for her limited hand-eye coordination (jaw-crushing skills notwithstanding).

Rosie Remember earlier when I mentioned how Babyface likes to lick things? Her absolute favorite thing to lick is this soft blankie/stuffed bear combo that we got from somewhere. My husband named it Rosie (like the Riveter or Rosie Revere Engineer–take your pick), and while I didn’t know it was possible for a 3-month-old to be attached to a stuffed animal, she no longer wants to be away from it. Go figure.

And that’s it for our 3-month baby update. Babyface, Ginger Snaps, and I are all doing great and really settling into life together. Now if I can just figure out how to watch movies without crying again, we’ll be in a good place.

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