My daughter was born in October 2018, and believe it or not, I did not disappear as a result.

I say “believe it or not” because our society is structured in such a way that many parents feel that when their children are born, their lives end and they become vessels whose only purpose is to raise their children.

My daughter is the single best gift the universe could have offered me, but she is not the only thing the universe has offered me. I’ve also been blessed with her father, my best friend, who keeps me on my toes daily. I’ve been given a passion for books and writing, a love for video games at a time when video game producers are doing so much MORE than they used to, and a confidence to speak up for myself–and for others like me–in a society that fails to see wives and mothers for who they are as individuals.

At its core, Bringing Up Babyface is a parenting blog, in that it is about a parent–me–and my journey to bring up my daughter while also continuing to grow as a person and as a woman. For that reason, it will feature not only posts about parenting, but also about marriage, self-growth, working from home as a freelance writer, and finding time to have fun somewhere in amongst all of that.

So if you’re a parent–or looking to become a parent–and you want to focus on not losing yourself along the way, join me; my husband, Ginger Snaps; and our daughter, Babyface; as we tackle life one day at a time.